I started on this path 47 years ago. By 1989 I had 20 years in foundries. I broke free in 1991 and have have been self employed for 26 years, doing nothing but my art.

My first goal is to be proficient in whatever I decide to do.  I take on projects with my whole sense of being, there are no half measures for me.  I regard quality of craftsmanship to have equal part with quality of artistry.  Art is a perishable skill and must be practiced daily.  

I study anatomy, drapery, composition with equal determination.  If my skills deteriorate, I practice to bring them up to my expectations.  I hone all my skills with equal vigor.  If I don't work for a period, I hone my skills.  If I am on a project, I expect those working for me, to give an equal amount of commitment to that project, what ever the medium.