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I would like to help you make some good artistic decisions, and demonstrate viable cost comparisons.

Stainless Sculpture

I would like to sit down and talk to you about your project.

Everyone wants to add beauty to their lives, so they can be proud of what they invested in.  You don't want an embarrassment!  I want to minimize your risk in your decision making, and demonstrate to you, why choosing me for your project is a good idea. I have years of experience working with many applications a materials, but also years of working with institutions both private and public.  These two points alone help distinguish me from the crowd. 


I can do it all!  Large scale projects, to getting a likeness.  I can get the best quality and cost from foundry , fabrication shops to stonework's. 

Knowing what your project is going to cost, and how long it will take to complete is extremely important. What kind of tooling, how many expendables are there associated with the project. Knowledge about installation, lifting, setting etc.  These are just a fraction of the things to consider.

If you hire me you pay for it once, you hire someone else you take the risk of paying for it every time you look at it.

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What are the steps to thinking more creatively?  Have you wanted to know how to realize your thoughts physically?  It is so simple!

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