Artist Statement

Myth invigorates art

Myth invigorates art work because of the dense, deep, suggestive psychic content. In every age, we find different imagery depending on the stew we live in, called the world. By tapping mythic imagery and sensibility, by tapping into ancient sensibilities and making judgements, you're generating thought and imagery. We're in dialog with the past so that all time is one moment with myriad images, like a mosaic mask, which is the face of god/man. This is truly the creative root.

Robert Mohr - Dublin Ireland -2002

My process is a simple formula

Consisting of 5 Steps

  1. I must search for new ideas,  and thus be must be open to new ideas
  2. Once I start,  I plan to go all the way
  3. Without Meaning, art is just fatuous
  4. Beauty the foremost driving force in my work
  5. Push my boundary’s, each new work must exceed my previous works.

# 1  As the clay is molded

But to be in a constant state of Learning

As the clay is molded, it never takes shape until there is something interesting showing up in the abstract form. That abstract movement of the clay being squeezed between the fingers is the genesis of an idea. The clay may be squeezed and squeezed repeatedly. Only when there is a pleasing shape, do the ideas bring form to the clay.

# 2  be in a constant state of Learning

At 67 I am wracked with guilt, not for trying, but not going far enough. Letting fear dominate my perceptions. I shall not worry about derision or mockery, they may isolate me, in the words of Bukowski, Isolation is “the” gift.
For now, I am taking a re-examination and inventory of my common sense.

There is so much to learn and such little time. The Greek order, is my guide. And mythic imagery as my lesson. With each breath, I shall breath in what can learn, and breath out with a statement of Awe?

The wisdom of the Ancients has never been surpassed, and by comparison we learn. Now comes the time to work, and now is the test of endurance.

My daily experiences should be my artist statement. With each new work should be considered a practice. My work will be a practice in expanding my brain development.

And for art making as a business, for art for art sake is no business at all__ Rudy Jacuzzi. I shall form practical applications for business through Architecture and Interior design. I shall try to dominate my local region and expand into my community. I need to proliferate my artwork in as many avenues available. I hope to be seen everywhere.

#3  The unexamined life is a life not worth living.

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are!

“Meaninglessness” inhibits fullness of life and is therefore equivalent to illness. Meaning makes a great many things endurable-perhaps everything.”__Memories, Dreams, Reflections” CG Jung

#4 Beauty will save the world

How to achieve the beautiful through Eurythmy

Anyone who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”_Voltaire
All in one fell statement!

Absurdities abound in our contemporary world. Examining ancient Athens, we learn that Harmony was the highest order of life. The Tao demonstrates that there is unity of opposites. And just like the Tao we can throw in a little discord from time to time.

Underlying good composition, there is movement, and with that movement there is a seemingly abstract thought to that movement. Pulling together the disparate parts of composition is Eurythmy. A unification throughout the composition, with a harmonious balance.

Beauty will save the world Dostoyevsky. As artist we can change the world! Discord has to be in balance with harmony. But we must revolt against absurdity.

Art does not have to be realistic, but it must be harmonious. Harmony then is my greatest pursuit.

#5 go all the way

Light a fire, that can't be put out!

Reality is not a concept! And belief is only a wish, and has nothing to do with reality. In fact reality doesn’t care what you believe.

I have not lived my life as a timid mouse, I have lived boldly. I have had both success and failures. I am wise enough to know now, that there is no difference between the two. Looking back, I am amused by both aspects of success and failure.

Live large, live big, and go all the way. It means I have to have an opinion, and that will offend some. I am going to come out stronger with my opinion. And, you’ll do it, despite rejection and the worst odds.
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