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Sculptural Expertise: Mastering the Elements of Craftsmanship

  1. Blueprint Drawing: Excel in detailed and precise blueprint drawings.
  2. Collaboration with Engineers: Seamlessly work with engineers for structural integrity.
  3. Structural Welding: Expertise in strong and stable structural welding.
  4. Meticulous TIG Welding: Achieve flawless appearance through precise TIG welding.
  5. Fitting Structural with Formed Panels: Integrate formed panels for cohesive design.
  6. Custom Panel Fabrication: Skillfully craft custom hand-cut panels.
  7. Optical Grade Mirror Finish: Attain impeccable mirror finish on stainless steel.
  8. Pattern Making and Mold Making: Master pattern and mold making for quality control.
  9. Foundry Work: Hands-on involvement in the casting process.
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Starting the Project

Standing Main Frame

Building the Skeleton

Shaping the Nose Cone

Building the Nose Cone

Day to Move

Installing the Sculpture


Polishing Out

Breaking Down the Scaffolding

Completed Work

My capabilities as a sculptor include a wide range of skills and expertise: For your project

  1. Blueprint Drawing: I excel in creating detailed and precise blueprint drawings, laying the groundwork for my sculptural projects.
  2. Collaboration with Engineers: Working closely with engineers is second nature to me. Together, we ensure that my sculptures are structurally sound and meet all safety requirements.
  3. Structural Welding: My expertise in structural welding allows me to construct robust and stable frameworks, providing a solid foundation for my sculptures.
  4. Meticulous TIG Welding: With my meticulous TIG welding skills, I seamlessly fit stainless steel skins onto my sculptures, giving them a flawless and seamless appearance.
  5. Fitting Structural with Formed Panels: I have a knack for seamlessly integrating formed panels into the structural elements of my sculptures, creating a cohesive and harmonious design.
  6. Custom Panel Fabrication: From preforming to rolling and bending, I skillfully craft custom hand-cut panels for my sculptures, ensuring a perfect fit and achieving the desired aesthetic.
  7. Optical Grade Mirror Finish: My attention to detail and craftsmanship shine through as I achieve an optical-grade mirror finish on the stainless steel surfaces of my sculptures, enhancing their visual allure.
  8. Pattern Making and Mold Making: I possess a talent for pattern making, particularly for creating nose cones, as well as the ability to fabricate large molds. These skills allow me to control and customize the casting process, ensuring the finest quality in my artwork.
  9. Foundry Work: I have hands-on experience working in foundries, where I take charge of casting the wax patterns myself. This ensures that the casting process maintains the highest standards and preserves the integrity of my sculptures.
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