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Myth invigorates art work because of the dense, deep, suggestive psychic content. In every age, we find different imagery depending on the stew we live in, called the world. By tapping mythic imagery and sensibility, by tapping into ancient sensibilities and making judgements, you're generating thought and imagery. We're in dialog with the past so that all time is one moment with myriad images, like a mosaic mask, which is the face of god/man. This is truly the creative root.

Robert Mohr - Dublin Ireland -2002

Pushing Artistic Boundaries: Unleashing Imaginative Mermaid Sculptures

With a passion for challenging the norm, I embarked on the creation of mermaid sculptures that defy conventions. While most bronze sculptors stick to unimaginative designs, my mermaids break free from the mundane. By crafting mermaids in floating poses, I push the boundaries of artistic expression, infusing imagination into every intricately sculpted piece. Witness the magic of mermaids like never before.

As a stone sculptor, I embrace the unique opportunities offered by bronze to challenge conventions and push the boundaries of artistic composition. With bronze's flexibility and versatility, I create captivating floating mermaid sculptures, unlocking imaginative possibilities that are impossible to achieve with stone. Embrace the freedom of expression and witness the magic that unfolds through the transformative power of bronze.

By infusing the composition with a mesmerizing "Serpintinata -Italian term for Serpentine" movement, I brought the illusion of a floating mermaid to life. Drawing inspiration from my experiences as a certified PADI instructor, where sea lions and harbor seals intertwined amidst kelp forests, I incorporated kelp into the sculpture's design. This captivating composition immerses viewers in the mystical realm of the mermaid, evoking the enchantment of underwater encounters and embracing the delicate balance between imagination and reality.

In this unique sculpture, I aimed to defy gravity by eliminating any association with it. The flowing kelp gracefully winds around the mermaid, serving as both her support and an integral part of the composition. Unlike conventional mermaid sculptures, she does not sit on anything. Instead, the kelp rests on her lap, creating the illusion of her floating within the embrace of the kelp forest. This distinctive approach sets this mermaid apart, capturing the ethereal beauty and evoking the enchantment of a weightless existence.

In an artful interplay of elements, I incorporated various ploys to create the illusion of suspension in the azure aqua of the deep. Contrasting the surroundings, the mermaid's flowing red hair dances in the water, enhancing the sense of weightlessness. The positioning of the breasts further adds to the illusion of suspension, while the inclusion of fishes and a ray adds captivating details that captivate the viewer, immersing them in the enchanting underwater world.
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