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Best in Show1970Awards
Best Young Sculptor1972Awards
Avard Fairbanks1980Internships
The Art Barn1987Employment
Legend Sporting Goods1990Commissions
Wasatch Carbon Fiber1990Commissions
Springville Museum of Art1994Collections
Clark Leaming Designs1996Commissions
Zion Lutheran Church1996Commissions
Ambassador Frank Forsberg1997Commissions
Ardean Watts1997Portrait
Barbra Slaymaker1997Collections
Slaymaker Group1998Commissions
University of Utah1998Commissions
Cornell Museum2003Collections
Kathleen Haldin Family2003Commissions
Marilyn Qualters Family2003Commissions
Orlando Philharmonic2007Commissions
Wasatch Bronze1970 to1975Foundry Work
Avard Fairbanks1970 to 1980Internships
Hadlock Foundries1972 to 1975Internships
Cliff Lodge1974 to 1975Collections
Pietrasanta Scholarship1975 to 1977Awards
Dell Weston Foundry1977 to 1979Foundry Work
Richard Young Foundry1979 to 1980Foundry Work
San Francisco Academy of Art1980 to 1986Education
Nordhammer Foundries1981 to 1982Employment
Artwerks Foundry1985 to 1986Employment
Maxwell Gallery1985 to 1987Gallery
Williams Fine Art1995 to 1997Gallery
Ballet West1995 to 1998Development
Fritz & Barbra Reed1995 to 1998Collections/Commissions
Clarke Leaming Designs1995 to 2000Gallery
Tivoli Gallery1995 to 2000Gallery
Tom Seige1995 to 2000Collections
Waterford School1995 to 2000Development
Deans Circle1995 to 2001Award
Lake Higland Preparatory School2001 to 2015Commissions
American Bronze Foundry2002 to 2015Commissions
Hudson River Gallery2005 to 2009Commissions
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University2009 to 2012Commissions
Disney2009 to 2020Commissions
American Bronze2009 to 2022Commissions
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