Light a fire, that can't be put out!

I began in 1970 when I worked under Dr Fairbanks, and in Neil Hadlocks foundry. Those two skill sets, have aided me throughout my life.

For 52 years I have worked from the west coast to the east coast aiding foundries and artist by working as an enlarger, and building maquette’s for competitions.

My early years I was sought gainful employment as a sculptural enlarger. 
I worked extremely hard by working in foundries.

I took on work as an artist aid, when artist were needing some help in enlarging sculptures. I was able to exploit my welding abilities in such endeavors.

From time to time, I have taken on young students. Some of them have gone on to receive local and national recognition. I know there is a young Michelangelo out there, but as a society we need to make bring back those same types of conditions.

I have so much work to do, and such little time to do it in. I need to get massive amounts of energy to complete my new works. I am as excited as a teenager, starting this new path that is before me.

Dr. Avard Fairbanks In Pietra Santa

Peter Forster circa 1985

Working in Nordhammer & Artwerks Foundries
Exhibiting at Maxwell Galleries Dountown San Francisco

Peter Forster circa 1990

Working in as an Amanuensis
Exhibiting at Tivoli & Williams Fine Art Galleries Salt Lake 

Peter Forster circa 2000

Full Time Artist
Shows Ballet West, Presidents Circle U of U, Gastronomy Group, Slaymaker corp, Clark Leeming designs

Peter Forster circa 2010

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
Lake Highland Preparatory, Hudson River Galleries NY, American Bronze 

Peter Forster circa 2020

Major works in Marble and Clay
Lake Highland Preparatory, Walt Disney, American Bronze 
A small corner of my studio
One of my many Ludo molds I used to make
Portrait Demonstration At the polasek museum
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