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Artist Statement

The Alignment Of Sculpture And Architecture: Embracing A Contemporary Approach

Contemporary art schools have progressively moved away from the classical approach to sculpture, reinforcing my belief that sculptors should align their studies with disciplines such as architecture. 

Architecture, like sculpture, deals with the concepts of space and solid arrangement. Architects thrive on experimentation, advanced technologies, and alternative materials to create structures that meet the needs of the present and future.

Recognizing the interconnectedness and potential for collaboration between architecture and sculpture opens exciting possibilities. By embracing principles and techniques from one another, artists and architects can push the boundaries of design, materials, and spatial experiences.

Captured Joy: A Smile at the Palace of Fine Arts, Paving the Path to Traditional Sculpture and Architecture

Smiling, I stood upon a pilaster at the Palace of Fine Arts, a moment that would shape the trajectory of my artistic journey. In that joy-filled instance, I felt an indescribable connection to the grandeur of classical architecture and the world of traditional sculpture. Little did I know that this experience would serve as the launching pad for my pursuit of artistic excellence. From that day forward, I embarked on a path dedicated to capturing the essence of traditional sculpture and architecture, fueled by the inspiration derived from that cherished smile and the timeless beauty of the Palace of Fine Arts. Later to sojourn with my work on the star maiden 10 years later.

A Serendipitous Sojourn: From the Palace of Fine Arts to Enlarging Calder's Star Maiden

In the year 1972, I visited San Francisco. One place held a special allure - the Palace of Fine Arts. Its magnificent architecture, was a remnant from the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition.  

Little did I know that this visit to the Palace of Fine Arts would mark the beginning of an extraordinary journey. Ten years later, in 1982, fate intervened in the most serendipitous manner. Commissioned by Stirling Calder's daughter Margret and sister to famed artist Alexander Calder.  She at the age of 83, recognized my talent and entrusted me with a momentous task - to enlarge Stirling Calder's Star Maiden sculpture.

The significance of this commission was not lost on me. Star Maiden, once displayed prominently among Calder's other sculptures during the 1915 exposition, became the focus of my young artistic endeavor.

Collaborative Contributions To Sculptural Achievements: A Journey As An Amanuensis

Throughout my career, I had the privilege of working as an amanuensis for several esteemed artists, contributing to their sculptural endeavors and aiding them in achieving national recognition. While I cannot claim ownership of those works, I take immense pride in collaborating with such talented individuals and being part of their artistic achievements.

Over the years, I have worked in various foundries across Utah, New Mexico, California, and Florida, participating in unique teams that bring artists' concepts to life, transforming clay into bronze or even stainless steel.

Express A Unique Vision

Ultimately, the essence of art lies in an artist's ability to express a unique vision and evoke emotions. Burke called this the Beautiful and the Sublime. Vasari referred to it as Grazia, or Grace. By being both passionate and skilled, so that my work resonates with the public.

One must see beyond the mere academic, because the academy is only a portion of the measure. Skill is what the academy provides, experience in large measure is what develops our good judgement and sound reasoning.

While training and education provide valuable skills, it is the impact of an artist's work that serves as the ultimate measure of success.

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