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Stan Wanlass


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Stanley Wanlass-Professor Emeritus, B.F.A./ M.A./ A.F.A.S., taught at numerous universities in the United States, Canada, and abroad including the European Art Academy in Paris and the Université de Grenoble, in the French Alps. He is president of Renaissance International, Inc. a design studio based in Oregon. Wanlass, who resides in Oregon and Utah, is an internationally known sculptor, designer, and painter. He also creates heroic bronze historical monuments.

Letter about peter forster from stan wanlass

Peter Forster is one of the finest sculptors of his generation. As a young man he was fortunate enough to be taught in the classical style by some very famous sculptors and painters. These beneficial opportunities gave him a broad and solid base from which to explore his intense interest in various forms of two and three dimensional art.

Peter has been ‘through the fire’ and consequently is not afraid to get his hands dirty experimenting in new directions and techniques. He is a hard worker and is experienced in all aspects of the creative process. He has tried every method known or unknown to expand his abilities. He continually increases his knowledge of processes and procedures. Through his mastery of tools, his expertise and proficiency in the use of varied materials, he has produced a unique, subjective and magnificent body of work.

Peter comes by his talent honestly. His Father, Paul Forster was a very important painter and University Professor. His Mother was Director and Curator of the Springville Art Museum with a vast knowledge of art history. And, with his exposure to numerous schools and successful sculptors & painters whom became temporary expedients during critical times, his unique skills were honed to the point that he was able to coalesce these experiences to form his own unique style and philosophy.

It was during this period of his formative years that Peter worked for me on numerous large and small sculpture projects. His work was always impeccable.

Peter is passionate about his work and it shows in all his pieces. Passion, linked with an unrelenting perseverance to express oneself, brings about a certain melancholy in an artist’s creations. A creative impulse escalating emotionally to almost frantic proportions that almost always haunt the isolation of genius.

Talent is a responsibility. A responsibility Peter is taking seriously. In his pursuit to fulfill his inner dreams and struggle toward personally noble goals, Peter has inspired many along the way, sharing his vision of beauty with all who would see. I believe that certain individuals possess God given genius and I’m grateful to live in a world that makes their existence and valuable contributions possible.

Stanley Wanlass

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